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Often consumers pick which businesses to patronize by their first impression of a company's style. Almost every purchase is influenced by some brand element.

Whether you're looking for a refresh on a tried-and-true logo, need a completely new direction or are just looking for some collateral materials to beef up your business, Cornerstone Graphics & Design can help you with your creative needs.

No matter what kind of creative project we tackle, we begin by doing our homework. We listen to what you're telling us about your company and your needs, but we also see how the public views your brand.


A business without a solid online presence might as well put up that "Out of Business" sign right now. Your customers want to hear from you via blogs, ask questions and talk about your brand through social media and view multimedia offerings to learn more about you. And it must be responsvie. More and more people are using mobile devices to view your site.

Cornerstone Graphics & Design has been building our clients' interactive presence before most of the world had even heard of HTML and CSS. We focus on unique website designs, creating each site from the ground up – you won’t find us using templates.


Utilizing radio, TV or web video is an effective way to advertise your brand to the masses while engaging them in a meaningful way and the Cornerstone team provides strategic direction, along with technical skills, to carry out your production needs.

From photo shoots to high definition filming to radio production, our in-house team can handle your needs. If the project calls for additional services such as hair and makeup styling, studio time, teleprompting, or casting, we'll work hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure your project is handled with the same attention to detail from start to finish.


Communicating with your public and portraying a confident image to the world is more important than ever, but the rules of the game are changing. The consumer environment demands open, honest and effective communication 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Communicating in the 21st Century requires deliberate thinking.

Sure, we do media relations, but we go beyond that too. We help secure sponsorships and partnerships for our clients. We create events. We leverage social media to meet your needs. We approach your PR plan strategically and inclusively.


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