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From our humble beginnings at the agency, a desire was born to do great work and treat people well. We know your families, your pets and your dreams...and we'll help you achieve them.

Cornerstone Graphics & Design began pretty much like every other design shop in the world. A guy who had an obsession with not working FOR someone, but working WITH someone and with the intent to give people a great, agency-quality product without the agency sticker shock!

At Cornerstone, we build Relationships. W
e're thinking of your brand as a whole, rather than a series of individual projects. Sure, we care about your website design or press release, but we care just as much about YOU and how we can develop The Relationship. Because at the end of the day, the prettiest logo, snazziest website animation, tightest media relationships or largest number of Twitter followers don't mean a thing if our clients fail to see their businesses grow or have a bad experience. And if we haven't first developed a Relationship with YOU, then how can we truly do our job?

At Cornerstone, your business is the Hero of the story. You're more than just a client with us. We want to be the Cornerstone of your business.


  • AGENCY PRODUCT AT A NON-AGENCY PRICE - coming from an agency background, we know how much it can cost to have an agency do your work, and some people just can't afford it. We think you still deserve to be able to advertise and market your company like the "big boys."
  • AVAILABLE ON YOUR SCHEDULE - want to have a chat on Sunday afternoon? We're available. We work nights, weekends, and other weird hours because we know that inspiration doesn't just happen from 8-5.
  • JACK OF ALL TRADES - need a website? We do that. Need a TV commerical? We do that too. SEO? Yep. Logo? Absolutely. Strategy and planning? Do you think you need to ask that by now? We are a full-service shop and our backgrounds allow us to bring you a robust campaign that covers all channels and touchpoints.


These are just a few of the relationships we've built over the years.

How we can start a Relationship with you today?




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